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Daniel Blaufuks – the days are numbered

Daniel Blaufuks developed a visual-textual diary in which he comments on current events and his life since 2018. At MAAT, he presents the days are numbered, showing more than 450 works including photographs, collages, and clippings with personal notes, referencing brief stories, quotes and comments.



Ernesto Neto. Nosso Barco Tambor Terra

Ernesto Neto, one of Brazil's most international and well-known artists, presents an immersive installation that evokes the crossing of cultures between different continents.



Procession: Praise and Sanctify

"Procession" is an exploratory journey into complexity of being, delving into human, social and artistic dignity. A celebration of madness, seen here not as a stigma but as a path to "enlightenment" and acceptance. Exhibition in collaboration with Manicómio.



Nicolas Floc’h – Mar Aberto

MAAT is hosting an extensive exhibition of photographs, videos and sculptural pieces by Nicolas Floc'h, a renowned French photographer and one of the most important international names in photography. Floc’h takes the sea as its central theme and is exhibiting his work in Portugal for the first time

vista de exposição


Hoje soube-me a pouco

Hoje soube-me a pouco [today didn’t feel enough] brings together a group of artists and works that marked the period after the founding moment of Portuguese democracy.

Energias. Perpétuo movimento


Energy. Perpetual motion

Energy. Perpetual motion challenges the public to discover the unexpected beauty in archaeology and engineering. The exhibition establishes a dialogue between objects belonging to the collection of the National Archaeological Museum (MNA) and the EDP Foundation Energy Heritage Collection.

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