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Arte maat
Arte maat
10/04/2022 - 10/04/2022

Flow Sound:
4 Voices, 4 Winds

Robalo, an association and independent music label, will be staging a series of concerts by fairly young musicians at maat. They all share an original approach that is full of mystery and a level of connection to the world of jazz and improvised music, revealing a style redolent of musicians associated with Robalo.

For the first concert in the programme Flow Sound, Robalo has invited three voice/saxophone duos and one voice/trumpet duo. Given that quite exotic duos of this kind have been emerging for some time now in the Portuguese scene, the label thought it would be interesting to have the chance to watch several perform on the same day, so one can hear the differences and similarities, and appreciate this format’s vitality and relevance.

Vera Morais / Hristo Goleminov
The time that Vera Morais (vocals) and Hristo Goleminov (tenor saxofone) share as a duo is usually spent in processes of deconstruction and juxtaposition of sounds and words, creating space for the cohabitation of improvisation with poetry. A selection of poems by William Carlos Williams serves as a starting point for music of an elastic and translucent nature; one that wanders over the boundaries between composition and improvisation and between voice and saxophone.

293 Diagonal
Joana Raquel (vocals) and Daniel Sousa (saxophone) create a spontaneous interval, sensitive to the acoustic detail of their instruments. Being transversal to their relationship, the sound shapes itself arbitrarily while exposing the particularities, similarities, and differences of each of them. Using an unconventional approach, they want to create images with geometric ideas and songs hand in hand with their narrative. They give room to discomfort when exploring sound and its origin, with the intention of challenging the vulnerabilities that atypical formations pose.

Daya is a project by Marta Rodrigues (vocals) and Bernardo Tinoco (saxophone) that seeks to explore the musical relationship between the saxophone and the voice in its maximum dimension through sound textures, free improvisations, arrangements, and compositions intended for acoustic instrumentation. Jakob Bro, Hermeto Pascoal, and J. S. Bach are some of the composers that contribute to the diverse repertoire of this duo.

“Traditionally, and especially in a typical context of small-sized ensembles, the voice and the trumpet play similar roles and functions: solo ‘melody storytellers’ or, if there are several, occasional ‘opinion makers’. This kind of prominence that seems a given comes from the linearity they evidently present – after all, they are two melodic instruments. With this project, we join together to abandon those roles. With no pretensions of replacing the harmonic instruments that normally accompany us, we work towards finding another place, developing different formal and sound conceptions, which consequently lead us to explore our instrument – an investigation that, although personal, became a singular quest for our restricted but surprisingly rich duo formation.”
– Mariana Dionísio (vocals) and João Almeida (trumpet)

Flow is a programme that challenges the public to a new way of entering into dialogue and communicating with maat exhibitions. With guest writers, musicians and performers, performances based on the Word, Sound and Body will take place in the exhibition space, proposing moments of immersion which provoke new readings and a fluid relationship with the installations and other artworks on display.

Upcoming currents:
Flow Sound
Flow Body

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