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Arte maat
Arte maat
28/08/2022 - 28/08/2022

Flow Sound:

Independent music label Robalo will be staging a series of concerts by fairly young musicians at maat. They all share an original approach that is full of mystery and a level of connection to the world of jazz and improvised music, revealing a style redolent of musicians associated with Robalo.

For the second concert, Robalo contacted Perselí, a band with a very interesting choice of instrumentation, consisting of a saxophone, trumpet, and a female vocalist, who also plays the double bass. Having just released their first album, Perselí’s sound is quite unique, with influences ranging from the classics of free improvisation to Latin American pop.

Fuensanta Mendéz, vocals and double bass
José Soares, saxophone
Alistair Payne, trumpet

Flow is a programme that challenges the public to a new way of entering into dialogue and communicating with maat exhibitions. With guest writers, musicians and performers, performances based on the Word, Sound and Body will take place in the exhibition space, proposing moments of immersion which provoke new readings and a fluid relationship with the installations and other artworks on display.

Upcoming currents:
Flow Sound
Flow Body

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