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26/09/2020 - 26/09/2020

“and I am sparse in dense fluidity” 
Gestures of Freedom

The BUALA cycle at maat


Stuff from yonder/Here I am already fading away: Objects and Images between Portugal and Brazil
Ana Gandum and Daniela Rodrigues

Between 2015 and 2017, these researchers handled, displaced, reproduced, and mixed up photographic souvenirs sent and received by Portuguese migrants between Portugal and Brazil until the 1970s, and objects that traveled in the luggage of Portuguese people that lived in Rio de Janeiro during the first decades of the 21st century. Throughout this process, the authors conceived Stuff from yonder/Here I am already fading away — a visual installation composed by those objects and images —, and produced a catalogue in the form of a composite and malleable book. In this conference, Ana and Daniela will be using this device to tackle unusual associations between things, discourses, and images. What luminous and solitary potential might be triggered by these fragments?

Ana Gandum is a visual artist and historian. 
Daniela Rodrigues is an anthropologist and a researcher at CRIA – Center for Research in Anthropology.

Art Without History: Women and Artistic Culture 
Filipa Lowndes Vicente

A reflection on how art history has studied feminine artistic practice, mainly in Europe, between the 16th and 20th centuries. Subsequently, it is also an art history, a history of how art produced by women was ignored and undervalued for so long, in order words, an art without history. And how, in the last decades, as a result of feminist approaches, it has become, also, an art with history.    

Filipa Lowndes Vicente is an historian and a researcher in the Institute of Social Sciences of the University of Lisbon. 

AND Lab — Art-Thinking & Politics of Togetherness 
Photography and action by Fernanda Eugénio

AND Lab is a practice-based research platform dedicated to the continuous unfolding, transmission, and applications of the Modus Operandi AND (MO_AND), a methodology for experiential research of relation and reciprocity, concerned with a political and ethical-aesthetic stance. With a transversal application to several areas, from the daily handling of living-together to collaborative creation, from artistic practices to care practices, from the work of mediation to the work of intervention, from the cartography of individual affections to the struggles for transformation and social justice, MO_AND can be summarized in a triple procedure: Re-parar, Reparagem, and Reparação [All three words in Portuguese play with the meanings: “to repair”, “to stop again”, and “to take notice”]. Part of what makes MO_AND at the same time singular and broad is the commitment to perform the concepts — turning them into tools and returning them to a very direct and in situ use. Its headquarters are in Lisbon with other offices in Curitiba, Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, and Madrid.

Fernanda Eugénio is an anthropologist, artist, researcher, and teacher. She is the head of the AND Lab Platform | Art-Thought and Politics of Coexistence.

Reading of poems from Mulher ao Mar [Women Overboard] (2010) by the author herself, Margarida Vale de Gato.