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20/09/2020 - 20/09/2020

“and I am sparse in dense fluidity” 
Gestures of Freedom

The BUALA cycle at maat


Healing: Intimate reports on the body in sickness and in treatment
A rehearsal for a lecture-performance
Sara Goulart and Susana Sá

Healing is a moment of sharing the radical experience of women’s bodies in sickness and when making decisions about the cure, in opposition to the gaze of institutions and of the other. It proposes a dramatized documental report exploring tensions and alliances, knowledge, power, and terminology.
Sara Goulart studied literature and is a cultural producer.
Susana Sá studied political science and international relations, and is an actress and stage director. 

Personal Museum 
Gisela Casimiro

Establishing a dialogue between ancient and contemporary art, this work is part of the dream of building the artist’s personal museum, populated by reinterpretations of more or less immediately recognizable artworks, pictures of celebrities and even friends. As an African (Guinea-Bissau, b.1984) living in Portugal since 1988, Casimiro’s experience is somewhat intimately African (at home through language, music, food) and externally European (on the street through language but also through school, work, and the blatant awareness of difference). In the artist’s words, “maybe the mirror will unify these two extremities”. 

This installation will be screened and commented by the artist in discussion with Rodrigo Ribeiro Saturnino. 

Gisela Casimiro (Guinea-Bissau, 1984) is a Portuguese writer and artist, with a degree in Portuguese and English Studies. She is the author of the book of poetry Erosão [Erosion] (Urutau, 2018) and a columnist for Hoje Macau newspaper. She is the Director of Culture at INMUNE - The Black Women Institute in Portugal. Her photographic essay Museu Pessoal [Personal Museum], which questions and aims to redefine black presence in museums, was part of group shows curated by DJASS (2018) and the Portuguese Anthropological Association (2019). She does theatre acting and volunteer work. 

Suzanne Daveau, Luisa Homem  
Documentary, 2019, Super 8, 119 min

In the words of French-Portuguese geographer Suzanne Daveau, “There is no science, nor progression of thought without love, without passion, without identification, even when we focus on things apparently devoid of life, such as the evolution of a slope or the genesis of a downpour. You could, perhaps, routinely apply a technique with pure objectivity, but under no certainty could you discover something new unless the researcher were fully involved in the topic that he was trying to investigate”. The documentary Suzanne Daveau traces the outline of an adventurous woman that crosses the 20th century right up to modern day, guided by her passion for investigative geography. The film circles between the innumerable world-spaces roamed by geography and the reserved home-spaces that welcomed her private life.

Luisa Homem (Lisboa, 1978) is a film director, editor, and founding member of the production company Terratreme Filmes. She directed diverse institutional films, and was hired for various other projects, as well as directing the 13-episode television series Um Dia no Museu [A Day at the Museum] about art museums in Portugal, production of C.R.I.M. for RTP2. She co-directed the documentaries As Cidades e as Trocas [The City and The Trades] with Pedro Pinho and São Tomé e Príncipe: No Trilho dos Naturalistas [São Tomé and Príncipe: In the Path of the Naturalists] with Tiago Hespanha. 

15h00 – 15h20: Conference-performance “Healing: Intimate reports on the body in sickness and in treatment” with Sara Goulart and Susana Sá
15h20 – 16h00: Presentation ‘Personal Museum' with Gisela Casimiro and Rodrigo Ribeiro Saturnino
16h00 – 17h00: Debate and Q&A
17h00 – 19h00: Documentary ‘Suzanne Daveau’ (119m) by  Luísa Homem