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BoCA Summer School at MAAT


MAAT has maintained a continuous partnership with BoCA since its creation in 2017, which has resulted in the co-production and hosting of artistic projects both within the scope of the BoCA Biennial and as part of BoCA's educational programmes (Summer School, Academia Nómada). This year, MAAT is committed to hosting and co-producing an action as part of the BoCA Summer School programme, in mediation with the exhibition Nosso Barco Tambor Terra” by Ernesto Neto.


Talk: “The Huni Kuin Cosmovisions” 05/07/2024, 19.00–20.00
The collective made up of Zenira Neshane, Sabino Dua Ixã, and Txaná Nixiwaka opens the BoCA Summer School 2024 with a talk about the artistic and social practices that guide the worldviews of their people.


Workshop: "Body and Nature" 06/07 and 07/07/2024, 10.00–14.00
In this first workshop, guided by the Amerindian perspective, the collective proposes a practice and reflection on the role of art in the process of strengthening bodies in Huni Kuin society.


Workshop "Songs in the Huni Kuin Cosmovision" 06/07 and 07/07/2024, 15.30–19.30
In this workshop, the collective proposes an immersive experience that relates to the musical culture of its people, thinking of voice and melody as vehicles and instruments for acting in the world, constituting bodies and life well lived.



BoCA is a not-for-profit organisation, founded in 2015 and based in Lisbon. Through a transdisciplinary perspective, of hybridization and breaking of boundaries, contemporary creation is the neural part of its mission. It focuses on transdisciplinarity and develops a diverse cultural ecosystem based on synergies between cities (since Lisbon, intersections with other Portuguese and foreign cities), cultural spaces (theaters, museums, cultural centers) and natural spaces, artistic fields (performaning arts, visual arts, music, cinema) and its respective publics.



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