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Mariana Caló and Francisco Queimadela. Midnight
Mariana Calo and Francisco Queimadela, Midnight
Mariana Calo and Francisco Queimadela, Midnight

Midnight, the middle of the night, the medium of the night. Darkness and light, shadow and brightness, contour and density, movement and suspension. Matter and image. Animal, vegetable, mineral. Sound, rhythm, silence. The tangible shape of time. Midnight, the title of the exhibition by Mariana Caló and Francisco Queimadela, a duo whose transdisciplinary and multifaceted work revolves around the movement of images.

Mariana Caló (n. 1984) and Francisco Queimadela (n. 1985) often create complex installations combining film, video and still images with other media, such as drawing, painting and sculpture. Their artworks question in a unique way the potential of artistic research as a methodology for the production of knowledge. Their strong environmental and ecological concerns, and their interest in the relation between biological, vernacular and cultural elements are recurrent aspects of the artistic duo. Expanding on these inquiries, Midnight presented a series of original works resulting from their recent use of cyanotype which dialogue with various sculptural, spatial and cinematic elements.

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