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José Carlos Teixeira. On Exile
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Curators: João Pinharanda e Ana Anacleto
José Carlos Teixeira, On Exile
José Carlos Teixeira, On Exile

Living in the USA for the past few years, José Carlos Teixeira (b. 1977) has been developing an interesting body of work based on the practice of artistic research and experimentation. Using primarily video, installation, text and photography, combined with performative and/or participatory strategies (which typically involve the participation and collaboration of other people), he has been exploring the concepts of identity, border, exile, or displacement. In a work that is both aesthetically and ethically engaged with issues relevant to the representation of alterity, he is interested in building a perspective by way of an anthropological approach that facilitates an encounter with the Other, allowing him, in this process, to accept external contributions and collaboration. Concepts such as intersubjectivity and shared authorship are also present in his work, assuming a willing commitment to the Real, but also resting on an aesthetic dimension which lends it a profoundly political, but also profoundly poetic character.


The exhibition On Exile presented, through a series of works produced between 2016 and 2017, a reflexive look at, on the one hand, mental illness and depression, and, on the other, the refugee status in the present context. The concept of exile was both examined from a geopolitical perspective, and interpreted metaphorically. Having the language of documentary as a reference, the exhibited video-essays are methodological explorations of the interview as an artistic practice and cinematic territory, creating a space for empathy and allowing intimate and psychological portraits to be constructed.

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