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maat oficina crianças. Trienal de Arquitectura
maat oficina crianças. Trienal de Arquitectura
12/11/2022 - 12/11/2022


Water that comes or doesn't come. Too much, too little, or none at all. Swim [wordplay in Portuguese, meaning both “nothing”, as in “no water at all” in the previous sentence, and “swim”], if it is too much; leak if it is too little. Under our feet, tunnels carry water from the mountain to the sea passing by our homes. How does it work?
In an action-reaction game, we are going to build a collection and distribution contraption on the scale of our town. Each person has a say. But it is together that we make this encounter with the forces of nature happen.

Design and direction: Lisbon Triennale and Brincapé

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