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Open Therapy
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Roadmap for Mental Health
appointments without walls. art and mental health
appointments without walls. art and mental health

Open therapy, everywhere, for everyone!


The transformations that currently occur in each one of us, and that result from the globalisation process, are reflected in our relationship with space, time and other people.
We become aware of these transformations, which arise in a mute, apparently “natural” way and are replacing old dogmas by an evolution that is not only spatial but also mental.
Contemporary museological thought has created conditions for a dialogue, a three-way dialogue (museum-work-spectator) and has also demultiplied the spectator into two, with the intervention of the therapist.

MAAT offers the first site-specific appointments in a museum.
With these appointments, a new form of dialogue is created (museum-work-spectator-therapist). And so, the spectator-museum relationship becomes a process of giving without return.
With these appointments, the dialogue that is established between the parties becomes impossible to quantify: it is a personal, multidisciplinary, artistic, and therapeutic dialogue; a dialogue without limits.

This concept creates an approach that rethinks the space, the work, the action, and that places the focus on the spectator and the therapist.
More than appointments, what Manicómio at MAAT creates is a safe, confiding, and innovative space.

Sandro Resende, founder of Manicómio


Open Theray is a project by Manicómio, now a part of maat's “Roadmap for Mental Health”. The appointments take place in the museum's spaces: in its buildings, gardens, or by the river. You may go only once or have regular meetings. Here, the space is public but private at the same time.

Open Therapy works on accessibility in three ways:

space – all public and open spaces can be therapeutic and meeting places to work on well-being;

human rights – people are at the centre of the project, both as individuals and as communities. We work with the diversity of people, nationalities, and other specificities, as well as on empowerment and resilience of communities to build their well-being;

price – all appointments are €35 and we are committed to encouraging partnerships that make it possible to share this amount.


MAAT is the first space outside Manicómio to host this project.
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Manicómio is an artistic creation space, featuring a gallery and art studio with resident artists who have experienced or are experiencing mental health issues. Located in a coworking space in Lisbon since 2018, Manicómio offers freedom in artistic practice and freedom in the pursuit of individual purpose, intersecting art with mental health and human rights.


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