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maat workshops exhibition
maat workshops exhibition
27/08/2022 - 27/08/2022

Mapping the City
Workshop with Emma Andretti, António Brito Guterres and Onun Trigueiros

Maps lead us, situate us, give us directions and, perhaps, condition us. In this workshop we intend to build maps of multiple affections, with several starting points and surprising arrivals. To this end we count on the participation of several voices of the city in order to add new layers and interpretations to the Interferências exhibition.

António Brito Guterres
Lisbon (1978). Community activist with management responsibilities in local and community based projects in various territories of the Lisbon Metropolitan Area. He is also a researcher at Dinâmia-Iscte/IUL, Institute where he teaches in the post-graduation in Collaborative Territories. He develops cultural interventions in communities, with Primero G, in the promotion of means of cultural and artistic production in various territories, collaborates as a curator in Alkantara, in the Festival a Traça, in the involvement of communities in the Iminente Festival and in the creation of urban narratives, such as "6 de Maio", with Alexandre Farto "Vhils".
Emma Andreetti 
With a degree in design and illustration at the Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam (2016) and a postgraduate degree in Arts Education at FBAUL (2018), Emma Andreetti lives in Lisbon, where she works as an illustrator, educator and artistic mediator. 
Onun Trigueiros
Onun Trigueiros (b. 1997)  He studied Artistic Production–Engraving and Screen printing at Escola Artística António Arroio, and presently expresses himself through various media, including painting, collage, digital arts, photomontage, screen printing or drawing. His practice fosters the convergence between the universes of the urban arts and fine arts, actively contributing towards the progressive establishment of the former within the institutional art world.

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