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24/07/2020 - 24/07/2020
25/07/2020 - 25/07/2020
26/07/2020 - 26/07/2020

Speculative walks and open talks by Artéria

Journeys to the In-Between is a series of walks and open talks, curated by Artéria, which takes so-called Greater Lisbon as a field of research, looking for the unexpected, contact zones between different homogenized urban realities. Situates itself in concrete places to destabilize binarisms that persist in practices and discourses related to the urban space, and to reflect on notions like centre and periphery, public and private, chaos and order.

The geographical notions of centre and periphery are used to describe dependency relations — cultural, economic and political — between places: those in command and those who are subjected. The centred vision describes a focused vision that isolates what is seen, reflecting reality in a sequence of external images; while the peripheral vision, blurred and fragmentary, situates the body, enfolding it in the context. From a centralized view, the periphery corresponds to nonspecific places, without history but full of desirable resources needed for the development of the centre, and consequently, for the maintenance of domination. How can we recognize the narratives obscured by the centralized view? What other symbolic relations can be produced if we invert the map of Lisbon?

Journey #01 — Centre and Periphery

Friday 24/07/2020 17.00 (in English)
Saturday 25/07/2020 17.00 (in Portuguese)
On a journey from Belém to Trafaria, we seek to outline the intricate relations historically produced between North and South, crossing different temporalities and narratives, altering between fiction and reality. With the help of our body and senses, we trace signs that translate or destabilize the spatial expression of a play of forces.

Registration ends 2 days before each event

Meeting point: Belém Fluvial Station
A museum assistant will help with the purchase of the boat tickets
Approximate duration of the walk: 3 hours (approx. 3 km)
Maximum capacity: 8 people each day
The registration ticket includes the entry to the museum throughout the day, as well as the entry on Sunday for the talk
When participating in the event, the use of a mask and compliance with the rules of social distance is mandatory. Comfortable clothes and shoes, water and a light snack are recommended. 
Costs with public boat transport to Trafaria are not included, the return will be made by private bus stopping at Cais do Sodré and maat. All activities will be carried out in accordance with the rules of the DGS.

Sunday 26/07/2020 17.00
An open conversation (in Portuguese) at maat with the artists Susana Mourão and Sara Anjo, moderated by Ana Jara, where the reflections on the notions of Centre and Periphery are expanded and on the activity of walking as a method of investigating the territory based on artistic practices.

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