Feast. Fury. Femina

António Pinto Ribeiro and Sandra Vieira Jürgens

Feast Fury. Femina – Works from the FLAD Collection

The exhibition Feast Fury. Femina – Works from the FLAD Collection marks the Luso-American Development Foundation´s 35th anniversary. It is the largest exhibition ever organized using the Foundation´s collection andit is comprised of 228 pieces composed of works by 61 Portuguese artists selected from the 1000 which make up the collection.

In 1986, a few months after the creation of FLAD, the first pieces of art were acquired by Manuel Castro Caldas who started this collection, without any intention of a national representation for the collection, despite it is mostly made up of works by Portuguese artists.

The exhibition Feast. Fury. Femina. – Works from the FLAD Collection, a co-production with the EDP Foundation/MAAT is part of a vast archive and is made up mostly of drawings, and includes painting, photography and sculpture combining works from various origins and periods invoke diverse socio-historic frameworks.

Three axes name this exhibition. Feast. Fury. Femina – Works from the FLAD Collection celebrate the collection, evoke the performative dimension inherent to contemporary artistic practices and highlight the feminine dimension, demanding a renewed gaze on the History of Art.