maat Reopening: Guarantees and Obligations

The reopening of maat to the public, its exhibitions and activities, in the current pandemic context requires the definition of a set of guarantees and rules that contribute to the safety of all.

For our and your safety, we guarantee:

A security plan devised following the recommendations of the DGS [Directorate-General of Health] and the legislation in force.

Reduced maximum capacity to 5 people per 100 square meters in closed areas.

The protection of those who serve the public, providing them with individual protection — mask, visor and gloves.

Reinforced cleaning and disinfection measures in our facilities.

Cancelling events that do not comply with the established rules and restrict public/live programmes to maximum 10 people (please check each event page on this website for specific conditions).

Availability of disinfectant gel dispensers at the entrance of each building.

One-way circulation of visitors, establishing a safe exhibition circuit with fixed entrances and exits.

Possibility of purchasing tickets online or through the kiosks available at Praça do Carvão (near Central).

Use of signs and wayfinding to reinforce/remember the need for physical distance everywhere on our campus — in the ticket office, info space, store and public areas as well as in the museum. 

And we ask you to comply with the following rules:

Bring your protection gear — the use of mask is mandatory to access the museum.

Wash your hands at the entrance of each building with the provided sanitizers.

Respect social distancing — 2 meters between people.

Follow respiratory etiquette measures: sneeze or cough into your arm/elbow and avoid touching your face, mask or any surface.

Purchase your tickets online or through the kiosks available at Praça do Carvão (near Central).

Circulate through the exhibitions following the suggested route.

Stay in the museum as long as you wish, but just remember others are waiting too in order to ensure a smooth circulation inside the spaces.