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Quote / Unquote. Between Appropriation and Dialogue
Quote / Unquote, Between Appropriation and Dialogue
Quote / Unquote, Between Appropriation and Dialogue

Quote / Unquote. Between Appropriation and Dialogue presented a selection of works from EDP Foundation’s Art Collection, gathered under the subject of appropriation in contemporary art.

Based around the time period which defines this collection — from the 1960s to present day —, this exhibition offered an alternative perspective on the following practices: direct appropriation of images, texts or other forms of cultural output, the use of quotations as elements contributing to meaning, or as a conscious and avowed dialogues with pre-existing authors and works.

This exhibition was a collaborative curatorial project by Gabriela Vaz-Pinheiro and Ana Anacleto and it was structured around sub-themes — “Archive and Everyday Life”, “Space and Politics” and “Image and Narrative” — which aimed to group together sets of works around selected affinities and, as such, also propose specific dialogues.

This was the third iteration in the series of exhibitions Perspectives | EDP Foundation’s Art Collection and it was presented at Porto’s Municipal Gallery.



Daniel Barroca, Eduardo Batarda, Joaquim Bravo, Pedro Calapez, Fernando Calhau, Luís Campos, Nuno Cera, Mauro Cerqueira, José Pedro Croft, Diogo Evangelista,  ngela Ferreira, Mariana Gomes, André Guedes, Ricardo Jacinto, Ana Jotta, Álvaro Lapa, João Marçal, Carlos Azeredo Mesquita, Rodrigo Oliveira, Bruno Pacheco, João Maria Gusmão + Pedro Paiva, João Penalva, José Almeida Pereira, Diogo Pimentão, Lúcia Prancha, Pedro Diniz Reis, André Romão, Noé Sendas,  ngelo de Sousa, Ana Vieira

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