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Igor Jesus. Bound to the Earth
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Curator: Inês Grosso
Igor Jesus, Bound to the Earth
Igor Jesus, Bound to the Earth

Bound to the Earth, Igor Jesus' first solo show in the German capital, was specially designed for the Portuguese Embassy’s gallery from a selection of existing works, including POV, acquired in 2016 by the EDP Foundation. This set of works, in sculpture and video, shows the force of mutual attraction between two bodies as a metaphor of life that invites us to reflect on the dichotomy between terrestrial plane and spiritual plane and between matter and spirit that accompany our existence. Bound to the Earth provided the spectator with a poetic experience intrinsically related to an idea of mystical religiosity, in which the artist's personal history is both the common thread and common thread of the works on display.


Igor Jesus (b. 1989) was one of the finalist artists of the 2017 EDP Foundation New Artists Award


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