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Hello, Robot. Design Between Human and Machine
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Curators: Amelie Klein, Thomas Geisler, Marlies Wirth and Fredo de Smet
Hello, Robot - Design Between Human and Machine
Hello, Robot - Design Between Human and Machine

Hello, Robot examines the current boom in robotics. It comprises more than 200 exhibits from the fields of design and art and includes robots used in the home, in nursing care, and industry, as well as computer games, media installations, and examples of films and literature featuring robots. It shows the wide variety of forms that robotics takes today while broadening our awareness of the associated ethical, social and political issues.


The exhibition introduces us to robots in four steps: the first traces the fascination that robots have long exerted over people and looks at how popular culture has shaped our perception of robots. The second is devoted to the field in which robotics first made a breakthrough: industry and the working environment. The third shows how we are gradually coming face-to-face with this new technology – as a friend and helper in our everyday lives. The last section looks at the increasing blurring of boundaries between humans and robots. For while robotics has become more approachable, more personal, more essential even, the question remains: does it make our world any better?



Partners: Vitra Design Museum, MAK, Design Museum Gent

Main sponsor: ABB

Sponsor: FESTO

Funding: Die Kulturstiftung des Bundes

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