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Ana Pérez-Quiroga. APQhome - MAAT
Ana Pérez-Quiroga, APQhome - MAAT
Ana Pérez-Quiroga, APQhome - MAAT

The project APQhome – MAAT by Ana Pérez-Quiroga gave rise to the installation of a domestic space (the house and its objects and also a garden) inside the museum. Unexpectedly, anyone had the opportunity to spend two nights at the museum, occupying that domestic space, between May 17th and July 30th, 2017.

APQhome — MAAT is a total work of art that requires the participant’s immersive intervention and aims to perform everyday life, in a total fusion experience between art and life.

This work by Ana Pérez-Quiroga gave continuity to An Archive of Daily Life #8 – The accumulative regimes of objects and their determinants, an ongoing project started in 2012 that is presented on the webpage

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