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Adriana Progano
Adriana Progano
02/02/2023 - 02/02/2023

A-Z (of a) Co-curatorship
EDP Foundation New Artists Award 2022

This three-hour seminar-workshop introduces and proposes to analyse the co-curatorial process of the EDP Foundation New Artists Award from a set of narratives and perspectives: the institutional history of the award; the selection process of the six artists for this year’s award; the practices of the selected artists and the curatorial approaches within the general curatory of the this year’s award exhibition. This seminar is run by Luísa Santos, Sara Antónia Matos, João Pinharanda, Joana Simões Henriques and Leonor Carrilho.

Part 1
14.30–15.00 Introduction: what is the New Artists Award – history and editions 
With João Pinharanda

Part 2
15.00–15.30 Co-curatorship and selection process over the course of the New Artists Award editions
With Joana Simões Henriques, Leonor Carrilho

Part 3
15.30–16.30 Co-curatorship of the 2022 New Artists Award: a group exhibition with six artistic projects 
With Sara Antónia Matos, Luísa Santos

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