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maat performance video art
maat performance video art
05/10/2022 - 07/11/2022

Solimán López – Celeste V3

Some characteristics define the human species, such as the need to communicate, relate, and socialise. We also observe, "think", and develop intellectual content. We have always been rethinking nature and the world. Today, new technologies offer us different perspectives on these reflections and provide us with new elements of connectivity, as well as new devices to look at the world and try to understand it a little better. Technologies such as artificial intelligence, electronics, the internet, artificial vision, and programming, in general and in all its facets, allow us to have a new conception of the world that updates that traditional view of the landscape and its meaning.
Celeste is a multimedia art installation that includes the arrangement of "beacons", equipped with video cameras and microcomputers, distributed in different parts of the world. Each "beacon" captures the real landscape (the sky) and turns it into a digital aesthetic that is captured in the self-generative movement of different algorithms fed with the colours extracted from the celestial vault. The result is an arrhythmic image in perpetual mutation, with organic forms, in the manner of a kaleidoscope that presents us with the construction of a new landscape that is already digital.

Solimán López (Spain, 1981) is a contemporary artist specialised in art, science, sociology, and technology. Founder of the Harddiskmuseum, OLEA bio cryptocurrency, and Innovation director at ESAT. His artistic practice includes work with artificial intelligence, biotechnology and DNA, electronics, interactivity, and 3D. His work has been exhibited internationally at events, art centres and museums including  OI Futuro – Biennial of Digital Art in Brazil, ZKM Karlsruhe (Germany), the Chronus Art Center (Shanghai), Centre Pompidou (France), Hermitage Saint Petersburg (Russia), Art Centre Nabi-ISEA19 (South Korea), Ars Santa Monica (Spain), Biennale Nemo Paris (France), Nuit Blanche Paris (France), CAC Málaga (Spain), CCCC Valencia (Spain), CAB Burgos (Spain), CEART Fuenlabrada (Spain), Es Baluard Mallorca (Spain), Cigarreras Alicante  (Spain), IVAM Valencia (Spain), MACBA Buenos Aires, Parque Explora Medellín (Colombia),  Museo, Exploratorio Bogotá (Colombia), CODAME Festival (Los Angeles), Ukrainian Digital Art Biennial, Sonar Plus, among others.

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