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13/06/2020 - 13/06/2020

Pedro Teixeira

After having marked a generation and decisively influenced the culture of the 1950s and 60s, the use of psychedelic substances was criminalised and dramatically stigmatised. From 1970, scientific research into their therapeutic effects was also suddenly suspended and banned as part of a process that was unprecedented in the modern history of science. However, in the last decade, we have seen a resurgence of interest in these substances, largely driven by notable scientific discoveries in the area of mental health (e.g. as a therapy for depression and anxiety) and for the treatment of various addictions such as tobacco and alcohol. The paradoxical discovery of the existence of “drugs of abuse” (or recreational drugs), still illegal today nearly everywhere in the world, that not only seem to be safe and non-addictive but can cure health problems affecting millions has awoken the growing interest of scientists, journalists, governors, and the public.

In this talk at maat, Pedro Teixeira, professor of nutrition, exercise, and health, and researcher at the Faculty of Human Kinetics (University of Lisbon) will characterise psychedelic substances, explain the effects they produce, describe the current state of the science in this field of interest in terms of health, and discuss the implications of the growing demand for psychedelic experiences — both by the sick and non-sick — in search of a better life.


Do you feel that complex new scientific topics or words are rapidly invading our daily lives? Do you know what biodegradability means? Or biodesign? Or what the abbreviation AI stands for? Or that psychedelics is an important mental health science? 

The museum organises several talks with scientists, mathematicians, engineers, doctors, PhDs, artists and other experts. These sessions aim to bridge the gap between science (often complex and coded) and society in general. Speakers are invited to address complex topics in clear but non-simplistic language. Children and adults are welcome. Everyone will leave feeling more enlightened.  




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