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18/08/2022 - 18/08/2022

The right to imagination
Workshop with ROYAL SKUARE / Romana Mussagy

Royal Skuare was born from the need to affirm its identity in a more urban environment, hence the mixture of African patterns with more traditional fabrics - such as cotton, serge, linen, denim - which ends up resulting in an adaptation of two antagonistic realities. 

The idea for the workshop arose from the desire to unite  two universes, the urban and peripheral universe with the traditional one, displaying its contrast and diversity through fabrics and images, using some basic techniques of garment making and design. 
In this workshop, Royal Skuare invites participants to construct/deconstruct pieces of clothing from their own perspective. 

Each person will select the garment they identify with and, using their imagination, bring their identity to it. In this work, the designer's artistic vision will be deconstructed by combining techniques and materials. 

The aim is to highlight the creativity and individuality of each participant, taking their origins as a starting point. They will have the opportunity to experiment with different materials and the various ways of using them. 

Workshop programme 
14.00-14.30 - Introduction of the workshop, Royal Skuare, and the designer 
14.30-15.00 – Presentation of materials, techniques, and the concept 
15.00 – Start of workshop/production 
17.30-18.00 – Presentation of the works, photos of the participants with their pieces and final thoughts

Royal Skuare was created in 2009 by fashion designer Romana Mussagy. 
Romana Mussagy always dreamed of having her own urban/fashion wear brand that would highlight the capulana/African fabric and fuse these materials with urban fabrics such as denim and cotton. Royal Skuare shows its diversity in seasonal collections, taking inspiration from the city world and its different environments. The idea is to assert the identity of each client, exalting their individuality through unique and exclusive pieces. 
This urban brand has already taken its first steps internationally, with two participations in London Fashion Week. 

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