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​​​​​​​Caminhadas especulativas e conversas abertas por Artéria
​​​​​​​Caminhadas especulativas e conversas abertas por Artéria
17/10/2020 - 18/10/2020

Speculative walks and open talks by Artéria

Journeys to the In-Between is a series of walks and open talks which takes so-called Greater Lisbon as a field of research, looking for the unexpected, contact zones between different homogenized urban realities. Situated in concrete places to destabilize binarisms that persist in practices and discourses related to the urban space, and to reflect on notions like centre and periphery, public and private, chaos and order.

Journey #02 — Public and Private

The notions of public and private are usually defined in codependency and by contrast. In practice, however, they assume different and ambiguous meanings, subjected to temporal and conceptual frameworks. Applied to distinguish between the state and the market; between the restricted realm of intimacy and the collective scenario of sociability; between the visible or audible and the hidden or silenced; they aim to order the legal, social, political and moral complexity, when classifying spatial domains.

The Lisbon Riverfront is a volatile urban ligament where conflicts and tensions of the city have arisen over the past decade and furiously transformed it. From the conversion of parts of the port, to the reflections of new iconic buildings, on the vortex of the land structure, urban inscriptions are crossed by material and symbolic disputes. How has this overlapping of forces shaped the city's contours and representations, and how do they determine forms of urban experience and encounters with others?


Saturday, 17/10, 11.00
Sunday, 18/10, 16.00

A Journey mediated by sound that draws a reflective, sensorial and contextualized cartography to untangle layers of the Lisbon riverfront, from Belém to Alcântara, bypassing barriers and crossing passages between uses and places, interpreting the transitions between public and private, individual and collective, domestic and urban.

Meeting point: maat museum
Duration: 2 hours (approx. 4 km)
Maximum capacity: Following the recommendations of the DGS, on October 10, the walk will be presented as a guided experience in 3 groups of 9 people each. After this, it will be available for individual experience by collecting a cartography, and links to audio tracks at maat museum ticket office.
The registration ticket includes the entry to the museum throughout the day, as well as the entry on Sunday for the talk.

When participating in the walk, the use of a mask and compliance with the rules of social distance is mandatory. Comfortable clothes and shoes, water and a light snack are recommended.


Saturday, 17/10, 16.00 

Open conversation at maat museum with artist Gustavo Ciríaco and architect Paulo Tormenta Pinto, moderated by Ana Jara, to deepen the discussion on the tensions and ambiguities between public and private, reflected in the plans and layers of the urban, as well as the practice of walking as a method of investigating the territory and mapping the separations,overlaps and passages between the two realms.

All activities will be carried out in accordance with the rules of the DGS.


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