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CITYMAAT introduction and questions
14/05/2020 - 02/07/2020

The architecture of a museum outside closed doors

What does the space of the museum mean now in the city? In our homes? In the digital world? How do you define cultural space at a time of self-isolation? The concept of museum needs to be debated in a broader sense and its role as a creator of public space is now even more urgent. Architecture, design and art define, restructure and provide answers to urban models, and the museum is the curatorial (non-)space where they are promoted and discussed. Citymaat is a programme open to anyone who wants to contribute creatively to this debate and to reflect jointly on concrete ideas for this new museum in the city.

The programme’s format involves three types of activities over two months:
A weekly round table debate featuring a guest with a background in architecture and another guest from another creative industry, adopting an interdisciplinary approach.
A weekly conceptual exercise open to the target audience — architects, designers, artists, photographers, musicians and students of architecture, design and other subjects such as sociology and anthropology. 
An exhibition of the results on one of the museum’s digital platforms.

14/05/2020 → Manuel Aires Mateus + Fernanda Fragateiro
21/05/2020 → Luís Baptista (Os Espacialistas) + Gonçalo M. Tavares
28/05/2020 → Andreia Garcia + Miguel von Hafe Pérez
04/06/2020 → Pedro Campos Costa + Horácio Frutuoso
11/06/2020 → Jorge Figueira + Clara Azevedo

At the end of each conversation, we challenge the artistic community to answer a question, whose proposals can be sent in different formats such as drawing, photography, text, sound, video, etc. Send your answers to
From the conversation with Manuel Aires Mateus and Fernanda Fragateiro the question is:
In a time of self-isolation what is a space of freedom? 

From the conversation with Luís Baptista (Os Espacialistas) and Gonçalo M. Tavares the question is:
What images, words and movements will be urgent in the post-pandemic?     


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