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maat children's day workshop
maat children's day workshop
01/06/2023 - 03/06/2023

Children's Day Celebration

1 June

We invite children to bring their parents, relatives, and friends to maat to visit the exhibitions (there are more than 5!), and together discover new and old spaces, objects, and many different stories. 
Children up to 12 years old do not pay!

3 June

A day of art and science for children

Scientists, mechanics, engineers, artists, ecologists... we challenge children for one day, Saturday, 3 June, to experiment, think and play for free at maat. They will be able to take part in a visit to the factory where light was made, the Power Station, and in two workshops to invent and build cars and art objects with a green and sustainable seal.

Pick up your ticket at the ticket counter; subject to availability.

10.30 — Guided tour: Power Station for kids

11.30 — Science workshop: Toy Solar Cars
No driving licence? No problem! Can sunlight be transformed into movement? In this workshop, come and build a solar-powered car and drive it in a thrilling race. Who will make the best car and win the challenge? We dare you to try.

16.00 — Ecology workshop: Eco-Warriors
With Patrícia Trindade
Our actions, the way we live, our day-to-day decisions are also a way to trigger change worldwide. The maat is a museum that aims to spark the debate on climate and ecology issues. This is a workshop to think and talk about the preservation of our planet, discover our causes and take action. Facing challenges proposed in the different exhibitions of the Museum, we will activate our ideas through the visual arts.

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