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notas de contacto
notas de contacto
03/12/2022 - 03/12/2022

Contact Notes

The Contact Notes project carries out artistic work in the musical area on a weekly basis, with Music working as a vehicle to facilitate the development of the artistic and creative capacities of our participants.
Thus, in all of the project's public performances, original creations conceived and performed by all participants can be heard. This factor adds a very personal and original touch to the concerts of the Contact Notes project, due to the fact that the musical moments are composed from the small ideas that everyone suggests during the working process. In this particular concert, more introspective moments will be created, where the sounds of water can be heard, mixed with the sounds of the instruments and rhythmic moments, full of vibration, energy, and joy.
As in this project we build instruments that best suit our participants' artistic specificities, at the end of the concert we invite all those interested for a session of exploration and experimentation with our instruments, so that they can get to know our work process better.

Carlos Ferreira (CerciOeiras)
Vanessa Gonçalves (CerciOeiras)
Vítor Borges (CerciOeiras)
Ana Paula Cunha (CerciOeiras)
Nelson Monteiro (CerciOeiras)
Ricardo Lopes (CerciOeiras)
Gustavo Pinto (CerciOeiras)
Liliana Silva (CerciOeiras)
Ana Maria Santos (Portuguese Chamber Orchestra)
Álvaro Rosso (Portuguese Chamber Orchestra)
Rui Borges Maia (Portuguese Chamber Orchestra)

The Contact Notes project began in 2009 with the aim of developing musical initiatives and activities aimed at enhancing the capabilities of people with disabilities, thus promoting their integration in artistic contexts. It was born from the partnership between the Portuguese Chamber Orchestra (OCP) and CERCIOEIRAS, and was funded by the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation between the years 2016-2022.
It has performed nationally and internationally in renowned halls such as the Konzerthaus in Berlin, the Salamanca Auditorium, the Centro Cultural de Belém, the S. Luiz Theatre, the Coliseu in Porto, among others. Under the artistic direction of Maestro Pedro Carneiro, every week this project develops a work that provides its participants a sound and instrumental exploration within the area of improvisation, aiming to develop essential tools such as autonomy, listening, focus, and creativity.

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