Vasco Barata. Dreamers Never Learn (tidal)

Carolina Grau

Vasco Barata has been exploring the interstitials of the image and the space between the visible and the invisible, materiality and immateriality. For this project Vasco Barata (b. 1974) transformed the exhibition space into an installation where visitors are submerged in a semi-abandoned urban environment. This space standed between being physically “occupied” and showing the aftermath of a flood and its remains.

Dreamers Never Learn (Tidal) intends to reflect the temporary free space which is liberated between the flux of the economical tides. During the financial crisis, society was plunged into a state of surviving mode at every level. Foreign investment seized the moment to speculate in the real estate, flooding the market. The constant cycle of tides uncovers a free space creating new transitory borders; these provide opportunities to the human waves of immigrants looking for a new beginning, as well as to the capitalist-driven investors looking for a chance to make new deals.