Supergood - Dialogues with Ernesto de Sousa

Hugo Canoilas

The Supergood project was based on the transdisciplinary and transversal work by one of the most relevant figures in 20th-century Portuguese avant-garde: Ernesto de Sousa (1921–1988), multidisciplinary artist and producer of synergies between generations of artists from both the first and the second half of the 20th century.

The exhibition Supergood - Dialogues with Ernesto de Sousa both reviewed and brought up to date this artists’ body of work, showing, side by side, artists from different generations and nationalities, as well as new perspectives on the political, cultural and ideologic aspects which have shaped his career for more than two decades.

For this purpose, Ernesto de Sousa’s artistic and conceptual legacy was converted into a vast arena for experimentation, and a starting point for reflection on current artistic practices. Next to existing works, others which have been especially produced for this exhibition, are shown in an unprecedented dialogue with a selection of works and documents from the artists’ archive.



Melanie Bonajo, Rita Sobral Campos, Vasco Costa, Simon Dybbroe Møller, Jannis Varelas, Supergood with Ernesto de Sousa