Jonah Freeman & Justin Lowe. Scenario In The Shade

Pedro Gadanho
Rita Marques

Jonah Freeman & Justin Lowe conceived Scenario in the Shade, an immersive environmental installation that play on ideas of hypertrophic urbanism, community, ritual and psychopharmacology. While introduced at the Istanbul Biennale 2017, this major installation was presented at MAAT after the Kunsthal Charlottenborg, Copenhagen.

Conceived as a multi-space environment, the exhibition is an architectural and cinematic scenario based on the youth subcultures of the San San Metroplex. San San originates from an idea put forth by futurist Herman Kahn in his book The Year 2000 (1967). He speculated that the coastal area between San Diego and San Francisco would grow into one giant metropolis, a region he called San San.

Based on this fiction, Freeman & Lowe build a mysterious, parallel world articulated through a variety of objects, ephemera, architectural scenarios and a trilogy of films.