Fernanda Fragateiro. From Archives to Matter, to Construction

Sara Antónia Matos

The exhibition Fernanda Fragateiro: from archives to matter, to construction gathers the three works by this artist belonging to the EDP Foundation collection – namely Architecture, a place for women?, which was acquired in 2016 –, pieces which mark her trajectory throughout the years, and other works specifically created for this exhibition. With the custom-made pieces for the exhibition, the artist aims to draw and structure the exhibition space by showing her work’s umbilical relationship with architecture.

The way in which Fernanda Fragateiro (b. 1962) exhibits her research materials, methodology and content shows how important she finds her work processes. The outside sources which influence her are also treated as raw materials used to build the work of art: drawings, photographs, books, pages of books, rumours, leftover materials, scale models, colour tests, etc. In the words of the artist, this project created for MAAT can be seen as "a window, which opens and closes, about the processes of creating a work of art, which are themselves turned into a work of art".


Support: Secil; Galería Elba Benítez, Madrid; Arratia Beer, Berlin; Fundação Eugénio de Almeida