Eduardo Batarda. Misquoteros – A Selection of T-shirt Fronts

Ana Anacleto
João Fernandes

Celebrating the 50th anniversary since his first exhibition, MAAT presented Eduardo Batarda’s most recent body of work. Boasting a career focused on the practice of painting, and having consistently researched the conceptual, historical, formal and cognitive questions which run through that discipline, Batarda has developed idiosyncratic works by using eminently personal references which influence his work and its flections and inflections throughout time.

The use of irony, tragicomedy and sarcasm (mostly towards himself and his performance as an artist) is coupled by Eduarda Batarda (b. 1943) with a clear and eloquent perception of the depth of issues inherent in the practice and history of painting. Titled Misquoteros – A Selection of T-shirt Fronts, the exhibition gathers a set of thirty paintings with similar formal and conceptual traits, and which the author sees as a single work. Here, text and image are one and the same, in a game that lies between comprehension, creation of meaning and complete illegibility.