Carlos Garaicoa. Yo Nunca He Sido Surrealista Hasta el Día de Hoy

Pedro Gadanho
Inês Grosso

Yo nunca he sido surrealista hasta el día de hoy was a site-specific project by Carlos Garaicoa for the MAAT ’s Oval Gallery. A large-scale site-specific project that explores the relationship between the city and the individual, architecture and urbanism, fiction and reality.

With his work, Cuban artist Carlos Garaicoa (b. 1967) addresses issues that are socially relevant to the geopolitical contexts in which he works. Among those issues, he focuses particularly on the (mis)matches between Europe and Latin America; on the search for an alternative history, free from the colonial and Eurocentric bias which is dominant in Latin America; on the failure of the modernist project and the collapse of the great utopias of the 20th century; on the economic, social and political transformations and contradictions of contemporary society and their impact on the urban landscape.


Support: Capital Ibero-americana de Cultura; Câmara Municipal de Lisboa; Siemens