Carlos Bunga. The Architecture of Life. Environments, Sculptures, Paintings and Films

Iwona Blazwick

“My project is a kind of architecture; it’s not a real space but a mental idea.” Carlos Bunga’s sculptural and painterly structures propose architecture as both body and mindscape. The exhibition began with a small model of social housing where the artist grew up. It is the beginning of a journey from the miniature to the monumental. Using only cardboard and paint, Bunga builds fantastical architectural models, furniture as sculptures and paintings as immersive environments.

Carlos Bunga (b. 1976) works combine a powerful materiality with the evocation of psychic states. Animated by films of his actions and performances, along with documentation of a decade of works, this is the first major survey of Bunga’s work. Enacting cycles of construction and destruction, Bunga explores states of dispossession and nomadism; the nature of spatial experience; and the creative and symbolic potential of ruins.