Ângela Ferreira. Pan African Unity Mural

Jürgen Bock

Intersections are places where things happen, where people cross paths, meet each other, and are able to share and divide goods, exchange ideas and redirect themselves. Intersections also offer moments of contemplation before making decisions, and opportunities to change direction. They are, therefore, by definition, creative situations.

Over the last 30 years, Ângela Ferreira’s oeuvre has frequently dealt with intersections, specifically those in which a “pure” and “perfect” modernity encounters the hybrid and the ambivalent. Pan African Unity Mural, Ângela Ferreira’s new work for the Project Room, was retrospectively and introspectively conceived for the here and now. Alongside Ferreira’s own trajectory – she was born and raised in colonial Mozambique and politically and artistically socialised in the era of South Africa’s apartheid –, other biographical stories are narrated, exposed and hidden in this work. In current times of crisis of criticism, Ferreira renegotiates “old stories”, including her own, in light of the urgent need for new questions and answers.