Angela Bulloch. Anima Vectorias

João Ribas
Inês Grosso

Angela Bulloch’s site-specific installation for MAAT combined the artist’s research on three-dimensional perception, time and virtuality with the spatial and acoustic characteristics of the Oval Gallery, a singular exhibition space.

Anima Vectorias included a set of never shown video works by Angela Bulloch (b. 1966), integrating multiple projections, virtual reality, avatars and 3D animations. The exhibition also included some of the artist’s most iconic works, such as her stacked columns and wall paintings, and other artistic practices linked to concepts of cybernetics, interactivity, simulation and immersion.

In the same line of previous interventions at the Oval Gallery, Angela Bulloch brought to this space a unique proposition which integrated new digital technology and contemporary art.


Patron: A.T. Kearney