Ana Santos. Anátema

Ana Anacleto

Broadly fitting within the medium of sculpture – or, more specifically, of the production of objects – Ana Santos (b. 1982) work is based on the search for a very particular state of alertness. By favouring sensitivity and intuition as instances which aim to highlight the uniqueness of the creative act, her pieces are the result of a thought process about the formal, functional, morphological or chromatic features of certain materials or found objects and about the relationships she might want to try out or establish between them. She is interested in a type of practice, often reduced to minimal interference, in which the traditional values associated with sculpture – as a subject – are frequently questioned by an idea of precariousness, strangeness, of not belonging, of lightness or fragility.

For exhibition ANÁTEMA, Ana Santos gathered a set of original works, recently produced.

In 2013, Ana Santos was awarded the EDP Foundation New Artists Award.