Ana Jotta. Bónus

Ana Anacleto

Having exhibited regularly since the 1980s, Ana Jotta has developed a completely unique body of work which has warranted her clear recognition both within a national context and, especially over the last decade, internationally. Known for her cutting irony and criticism about the concepts of authorship or originality, extraordinarily diverse and heteroclite in her conception, formulation or presentation,her work occupies a space of freedom, using techniques as varied as painting, collage, performance, drawing, assemblage, photography, installation, sculpture, sound, video, embroidery, engraving, writing or appropriation of objects from various sources.

After having been awarded the EDP Foundation Grand Prize in 2013, and under the title Bónus, this was an exhibition that stemmed from the dialogue between the artist and the museum. The aim was getting out of the space of the institution and widen MAAT’s activity geographically, bringing it closer to the community by setting it up in a space that was deliberately un-museum-like, on one of the most historical streets in Belém. For the occasion Ana Jotta (n. 1946) prepared a set of new works, and engaged them with the location’s privileged architectural traits.