Ana Guedes. On Recurrences: 7º Volume. Edição nº 13 007/1448. 30’07’’

Joana Valsassina

Ana Guedes works with sound, installation and performance, weaving historical and biographical narratives and temporalities. For the exhibition at Kunstraum Botschaft, Guedes’s first individual show in Berlin, the artist presents On recurrences: 7º Volume. Edição nº 13 007/1448. 30’07’’, a new work developed this past year during her artistic residence at the prestigious Van Eyck Academie, in Maastricht, Netherlands, where she distills chronicles of displacement and repression associated with her own family history and with Portugal’s colonial past.

Ana Guedes (b. 1981) creates with this work an intriguing apparatus that reverberates and amplifies sound by linking synchronized record players, a modular sounding board, honeycomb frames, and the actual gallery space, appropriating it as an integral part of her sound installation. The work stems from a family collection of 1960-80s music records and Marxist books that trace a life of migration between Angola, Portugal and Canada. Exploring and digesting these fragments of history and memory becomes a way to reflect on the personal, social and natural ramifications of established power structures.

Ana Gudes was one of the finalist artists of the 2017 EDP Foundation New Artists Award and received an Honorable Mention for her work.