EDP Foundation Art Collection
Jorge Martins, Avatares – aventuras de um raio de luz, 2006
Jorge Martins, Avatares aventuras dum raio de luz, 1973. Óleo sobre tela; 68 x 190 cm

The EDP Foundation Art Collection originated in 2000, in order to showcase several generations of contemporary Portuguese artists, as well as various fields and disciplines of artistic creation.

The chronological reference established as the collection’s starting point was the 1960s, an era that marked a period of artistic unrest and which is also symbolic due to the EDP Group’s predecessor, the Companhia Portuguesa de Electricidade (Portuguese Power Company), being founded then.

The selection of works gave precedence to pieces by artists whose relevance in the national and international contemporary art scene makes them essential; the inclusion of works by artists selected from the EDP Foundation’s exhibitive programming; and the incorporation of recognised artists rewarded or selected for awards attributed by the EDP Foundation.

The collection has grown throughout the years. One of the most enriching inclusions was the acquisition in 2015 of the Pedro Cabrita Reis Collection which, with 388 works by 74 artists, portrays the generation of artists that emerged in Portugal between the end of the 20th century and the beginning of this century.

The EDP Foundation Art Collection includes more than 250 Portuguese artists recognised as much for their historic profile as for their importance in terms of their mid-career consolidation processes, as well as a significant set of emerging values that are being asserted and internationalised.


The Portuguese contemporary art collection developed by the EDP Foundation is regularly included in the MAAT – Museum of Art, Architecture and Technology programme of exhibitions through a series of proposals where the guest curator and one of the museum’s curators propose a thematic focus that is represented through a unique selection of works by Portuguese artists. The sequence of these curatorial choices presents the collection’s art works as a living platform that provides different reflections and interpretations of contemporaneity.

Simultaneously, this cycle – Perspectives | EDP Foundation Art Collection – is also available in book format, in a series published alongside the exhibitions MAAT dedicates to the EDP Foundation Art Collection. The importance of this set of catalogues, all displaying the same format, is enhanced by each volume’s design, developed by a different author.

Curated by Luísa Especial and Pedro Gadanho, Second Nature is the first of these Perspectives. The exhibition and book result from a study of this Portuguese contemporary art collection, carried out according to current debates concerning the natural world and representations of it. Approximately 50 works by 26 artists, created throughout half a century, convey different visions of the subject matter as well as how the idea of nature itself has changed over time.

Reproductions and rights

All requests for reproductions of works of art belonging to the EDP Foundation Art Collection should be emailed to

High resolution digital image files provided by MAAT can only be used for the purpose identified in the request. Reuse of the files is not permitted unless new authorisation is obtained.

The EDP Foundation does not own the copyrights. Copyright clearance is governed by the provisions in the Code on Copyright and Related Rights and should be handled directly with the authors or relevant entities, such as the Portuguese Authors Society and its counterparts in other countries.

Reproduction of the work must be accompanied by a credit that includes at least the name of the artist, title and date of the work, as well as the reference “EDP Foundation Art Collection”.